I won’t send new music for Discovery anymore

One of the libraries in the U.S. that I have been supplying for several years has asked me urgently for new music, for 2020. Client is Discovery.

I told him that I will not send him any new material for Discovery in the future. Period.
I’m based in Munich and thx God I have good clients in Europe and Asia.
If we don’t take this huge topic into our own hands now, that our art is treated like a daily Black Friday sell-out, then we are simply interchangeable slaves.
And we didn’t deserve it better! So stop complaining.

It is one of the few privileges as an independent composer that I now, first time in my life, consistently use.
Optionally, I can of course continue to happily get fucked by this greedy broadcasters until we get a union or a petition gets through.
(Dream on till hell freeze over)
Withdraw your tracks!
Maybe it hurts now, but in the future you can be the guy in the Taxi front left instead of right rear if we let them get away with it. Switch the taxi metaphor when you are based in UK ?