Thank you to Cole Masaitis

I wanted to thank Cole Masaitis with my whole heart for his incredible generosity with his time, terrific help and being a team player on a complicated and intricate musical event that took place recently.

Cole was a volunteer stage manager at this event. His duties included being responsible for 19 acts, interfacing with four creatives (they were very demanding), gracefully interacting with 19 composers, 8 musicians, and a 16-person choir. Cole handled a stage full of equipment, music stands and gear.

Each artist had a different setup (some were using amplification). Cole did a terrific job!

To frame his contribution in a broader perspective, I wanted to mention that I receive emails from emerging composers daily asking basically one question – HOW DO I MAKE AN IMPRESSION UPON YOU?

(The specific questions I get are: “can I work for you; would you listen to my demo; can I have lunch with you to ask you questions.”)

I try to reply to all of them individually.

Here is a global reply about how one can make an impression:



Our business is a *business of giving* first, and getting opportunities later.

Cole Masaitis made a huge difference for our event. He was a great helper in a very stressful and demanding environment, working with strangers whom he met for a 1st time.

He met tons of people and made a meaningful impression upon them.

He made new friends.

In reciprocity, he is getting about 5 hours of career mentoring with two of the top professionals in our biz.

He learned about this volunteer opportunity right here, on this FB group.