Today I got a call from a *major producer* about a *major project* I’m working on now. He wasn’t aware I got hired for it and he started the call by saying : ‘Julia, don’t get me wrong…’

My first thought was: ‘of course, they want a much bigger star for this project, why wouldn’t they?’ BUT my second thought was: ‘ I’m not gonna let them fire me. Not even if Mozart himself came back from the grave to take this job from me.’

I’ve listened patiently to all producer’s reasoning why they want to hire bigger names and calmly said: ‘Do you realize I used to work with some of those people?’

From then conversation started to change and at the end he was talking the details of what he wants to hear in the music.

It’s still not set in stone I’ll see this through the end and if just one of those big stars says ‘I want it’ I can get fired any moment. But I’ve decided I won’t give up the ship! I’ll be fighting until there’s absolutely nothing else I can do!