Thought it might be interesting to look at the perspective of someone on the directing/producing side of things on how he feels about working with teams.

When I am helming a production at the Hollywood Bowl and other projects I prefer working with composers, projection designers, arrangers, conductors, choreographers, scenic designers, graphic artists, lighting designers, costume designers, music contractors, casting directors, camera directors, technical directors and others that come with a team behind them.

Things move too fast, changes come too rapidly, jobs grow too complexly to typically be handled by a single person.

Typically, I only want to deal with the head of each department, whether they are the one personally executing the work or not. Occasionally, I like knowing some of their collaborators. Frequently, I don’t have the time or interest to know about those in the back room even though their contributions may be significant.

I work with lead people because of how they communicate with me. If those ideas are then communicated to others to execute, wonderful.

I work with people because of the creativity and quality of the work they deliver. Their means of achieving it really isn’t my concern. If it takes them picking and managing others to achieve that, that is fine with me as long as the high standards of their output is maintained.

I typically give primary credit to the person I am working with. Within reason and when possible I like to give credit to others on their team, too. But giving additional credits is not always the case, so I like the person afforded credit to manage credit expectations of those working with them.