I had a REALLY shit experience this year, like had to sue a producer kind of shit who fucked me pretty hard. It happens, and its part of the landscape of our biz and the never ending learning cycle of being a working composer. BUT, I also got to compose a little (in the Viking like vernacular) death requiem for a character I’ve lived with for like 6 years. What a privilege in my mind to have a connection to an actors performance of a character for that long, be part of your life and literally have to say good-bye to them musically. Its like I literally know that person, which is trippy. I tend to get VERY invested in the characters I composer for. Privilege is not the right word, its more an honour (Canadian / British spelling) and it really is the best part of my job / career / passion of being a musical story teller (aka Composer), is being entrusted to deliver to the HUGE audience of fans the emotional send off of a character we have all come to love deserves. I recorded live orchestra in Iceland (fitting) and had one of my closest friends Atli Örvarsson on the podium being the custodian of getting the performance right on my behalf. It feels so good in so many ways. And for all you aspiring composers, just know the shit storm of, well shit is out there waiting for you, but also is the opportunity if you are as fortunate as I am, to really and I mean REALLY make a difference in peoples lives through your music. I get constant emails on how much much my shows and my music means to people, its so cool and humbling. Hell someone walked down the wedding Aisle to my theme from “The Tudors”, let that sink in for a second. Perspective forum: Keep the faith, every step you make is working in the right direction. Gratitude is the Attitude. Learn it, Love it, Believe it. I love our community and am proud to share this moment with you and to earn the chance to have your time to listen to me. This pic is a Candid moment of me listening back to my “requiem” purely as an audience member, and having a hugely profound emotional reaction to saying good bye to a character I have know for more than 5 years. I always said, If I can’t make myself nearly cry, how can I expect anyone else to, that is my litmus test. I am a kid again when I get it right, and that has to be a good thing. #SoGood #GratitudeisTheAttitude