Inner Film nerd moment. The missus is out, its me solo with the kids now asleep. I decide to go with the original “Predator” as movie of choice, perhaps egged on by hearing that Henry Jackman scored the latest incarnation (I’ll leave my emjoi blank here). Anyhow, I turn it on and settle in and you know what?… the first 4 minutes is ALL music no dialog, and every theme (including the iconic one) from Silvestri is all you need to know about the movie before you about to see. I mean the violins are playing absolutely over the bridge at some points, whats the point of coming out of the gate that hard with the violins, who does that? I’ll tell you why… Because that age of Film making was all about the theme. And Silvestri came out of the gate swinging for the fucking fence, I fucking miss that shit. Hard. You knew without any doubt in the first 4 minutes the ride you were in for. For me personally, that IS the job of the 1m1 cue. Don’t share if you agree, share you’re experience with the first 4 minutes of a movie you love that the music “told the whole story”. #ThePowerOfMusicIsAmazing #SilvestriRocks