Four years ago the AFM announced, with great fanfare, a new Video Game Agreement that was intended to bring more union game recording to its members since their previous 2012 Agreement had resulted in no games recorded under it.

At the time of the 2014 Agreement I was highly skeptical and raised a number of red flags of why I suspected this new Agreement would also yield poor results.

Since then I have shifted my attention onto other matters and pretty much lost track of what has transpired with AFM game recording.

Outside of a few franchise sessions grandfathered in and four or so new recordings, I have heard very little about what progress has been made by the AFM to record games over the last four years.

The vast majority of games I know about since the 2014 Agreement have almost all been done non-AFM, frequently in London, Nashville, Seattle and Eastern Europe.

Please bring me up to speed with what has transpired in the game recording world over the last four years.

And, what are the current obstacles preventing more AFM recording of games?