Hello fellow perspectives!

My name is Omri Lahav, I moved to LA about two years ago.
Since then, I’ve made a point of meeting (or Skyping) with newcomers, and those still contemplating the big move, to offer what advice I could.

One issue that has been a major factor in my experience, is SETTING EXPECTATIONS.
It might not be news to you, but it has come up in enough conversations that I felt a post might be useful!

I’ll use my personal story to illustrate.
In Israel, I regularly worked on prime time television projects, performed with The Israeli Chamber Orchestra, scored Intel video games, played guitar sessions for A list artists and was frequently featured on the radio.

When I first landed in LA, I knew I would be starting from scratch, but I haven’t really considered the implications of that.
Carried on my inertia, I negotiated and insisted like a man at the height of his career! I turned down projects that didn’t meet those standards – which at that point, directly translated to turning down CONTACTS.
In short, my EGO was calling the shots because I haven’t given it a REALITY CHECK.

And the reality was that living was now far more expensive, and I didn’t know anyone or had any work slated.
I was “expecting” to be hired. I was “expecting” my portfolio to speak for me. I was “expecting” people to recognize my achievements.
It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that I needed to let go of those notions from a past life, and live in the HERE AND NOW.

In the here and now, nobody owed me anything.
Nobody knew who I am, and of course, they all had a TON of other composers to choose from 

So I have learned to accept full responsibility for anything and everything that happens – or doesn’t happen – in my life.
The only reason for disappointment – is unrealistic expectation (you’re entitled to nothing).
The only reason for shame – is pride (be humble).
The only person who could ever stand in my way – is me (don’t let ego make your decisions for you).

As soon as I stopped blaming others, I gained FULL CONTROL of my life.
As soon as I remembered why I became a composer, and started approaching each project with humility and curiosity, the work came.
More work in a year than I’ve done in 5 years in Israel.

I am grateful to all the great composers and artists who took time out of their busy schedules to help me when I was new in town.
If you feel there’s any way I can be helpful to you, please do not hesitate to reach out 

Thank you for reading, and for being an invaluable resource on a daily basis!