After reading the post and comments on a recent thread featuring some examples of A.I. composed music, I decided to listen to that A.I. music and compare it to music compositions of 10 randomly selected composers who made negative comments on the tread about the A.I. music.

Here are my opinions of the 10 examples:

3 of the human composers had better music than the A.I.
3 of the human composers had music on par with the A.I.
4 of the human composers had music worse than the A.I.

In some cases, the production quality of the human music had the advantage of live musicians.

In my line of work I listen to A LOT of music. Very, very little of it sounds very distinctive to me. Most falls into the category of “meh”. It is probably okay or slightly better or worse than that. But with so much music out there, distinguishing between “blah” and “passable” is hardly worth the effort.

It might be an interesting experiment to make a short playlist containing some of your own compositions (preferably those done with synth mock-ups) mixed in with a few of the A.I. tracks. Then play that playlist for a few friends and and sit back and listen to their thoughts, opinions and observations.

Composers’ views of their own music often differs than how it is observed by others. So is how others view all music (including that created with A.I.). Getting feedback from others can be quite eye and ear-opening.

(one other observation: I was shocked how many composers I tried to listen on this Forum had no samples easily or obviously available and how many had websites down for “repairs”. Why make it harder for someone trying to hear your work?)