For a number of reasons I loath when people pull out the shopworn cliché about the GOOD/FAST/CHEAP TRIANGLE (YOU CAN ONLY PICK TWO) “RULE”.

Remember the Model T, the car that transformed our entire universe?

Its success hinged on delivering on all three aspects of GOOD/FAST/CHEAP (GFC):

GOOD quality cars, FAST (via assembly manufacturing innovations) and CHEAP (affordable to huge number of regular folks who could never consider an automobile previously).

And what exactly is Amazon?

A insanely successful monument to figuring out how to sell and deliver EVERYTHING in the world… GOOD, FAST and CHEAP.

Clearly Jeff Bezos didn’t receive the memo about the GFC Triangle “Rule”.

Or if he did, he probably said, “Screw this. If people want things to be GOOD, FAST and CHEAP, I’m not going to ignore my customer’s desires. I’m going to figure out how to not only meet them, but exceed them.”

And a lot of Bezos competitors went out of business clinging to their lame GFC Triangle memes.

For me, if someone is whipping out the GFC cliché they already lost the argument. If that’s the best they’ve got to offer, they’ve got next to nada.

To me, it is a just a lazy, autopilot, cop-out used in place of actually delving deep, being resourceful and solving problems.

It’s a slogan failing to substitute for a solution.

I and many others don’t work with people because they try to “educate” us about “rules” we already know are riddled with holes and exceptions. We are not swayed. We actually just roll our eyes and dismiss them.

We work with people because they are smart, creative problem solvers, not excuse givers.

While there are certain situations where the “rule” might apply, its massive inconsistency in so many situations basically renders it disqualified as actually being considered as a real rule.

And those who treat this as some sort of reliable rule cut themselves off from a lot of new and productive thinking that could actually improve their businesses, lives and careers.