My Perspective regarding unpaid projects

I know many of you will disagree with me, Richard Kraft would be the FIRST, but I have been having a different “perspective” regarding unpaid projects especially after I started seeing more and more posts asking composers to make music for free, WHILE having a budget for every single department on the project. Here is what I posted in one of the groups. I know there are various dynamics to accepting unpaid gigs, but it is getting out of hand!

I think when more composers start REFUSING to take free gigs out of desperation for work and credit, we will start having respect and decent dedicated budget for music.
JUST SAY NO when someone asks you to score for free! You went to college, you paid for your gear, your time is valuable, your talent and energy are too! Feel offended when a producer or director says they don’t have budget for your work.

You want free music, there are websites that offer you royalty free music for free, you will hear the same loop over multiple other projects, but you get what you pay for.
Would you ever have the audacity to go into a restaurant and ask the chef for a gourmet steak for free because you can’t afford it? And on top of that, keep telling the chef how you want the steak?

I am not saying composers should not help filmmakers and directors and cultivate relationships, there are cases where I would gladly score something for free but depending on variables like charity or a cause.

Composers, please stop bringing our market and dignity down with accepting free gigs all the time. Much love and best wishes to you all!