My partner Laura Engel and Danny Elfman at the premiere of JUSTICE LEAGUE.

This score gave Elfman the opportunity to return to his BATMAN roots.

I will never forget being at CTS Studios outside of London 28 years ago when Elfman recorded the Main Titles for BATMAN. I was breathless. I knew within moments of the downbeat that I was witnessing Film Music history.

What followed was equally astonishing. Cue after cue sparking with thematic and dramaturgical brilliance.

After a week of recording I flew back to Los Angeles listening on the plane to a cassette of early mixes on my Walkman. I was grinning from ear to ear the entire flight knowing I was one of the first people to ever hear a score that I knew would be a milestone.

The future was there on my cassette, and in just a short time the rest of the world would discover what Danny Elfman had created.

I wasn’t there when Herrmann recorded CITIZEN KANE or Rozsa did BEN HUR or Bernstein did TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD or Barry did GOLDFINGER or Goldsmith did PLANET OF THE APES or Williams did JAWS.

But, damnit, I was there when Elfman did BATMAN.