I posted on this Forum a while back that I was looking for animators to work on my WILLY WONKA concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

I needed animators to bring to life a slew of magical imagery created by the artist, Shag,

Composer Camilla Uboldi from Mexico reached out. In addition to being a composer, she was also an animator.

Camilla submitted a free test animation demo that blew us away. She definitely had the job.

And she did it with great elegance that was both musical and visually tasteful.

She took notes beautifully and really encouraged collaboration during revisions. She worked closely and positively with our Associate Producer, Melissa Axel.

For our WILLY WONKA concert there was one moment I didn’t want to screw up.

Gene Wilder’s version of PURE IMAGINATION is pure perfection to me.

So I wanted to find a way to create something new and unique for the Bowl experience without destroying what was already bliss.

Camilla nailed it.

Violinist Sandy Cameron also composed and performed the haunting additional musical accompaniment that starts off the sequence.

Could not be more proud of what we accomplished in this moment.