I asked contractor Peter Rotter to assemble an orchestra featuring lots of fresh and diverse players, and boy, did he deliver!

Wanted musicians who would show up memorizing several key pieces. Wouldn’t want them buried in the dark with their faces pointed down into their music stands. This was a LIVE show and I wanted it to be present and lively.

Here are the magnificent musicians who brought their enthusiasm to the rehearsals and performance:

Luanne Homzy, Zack Delloger, Ben Lash, David Tranchina, Gina Luciani, Theodosia Roussos, Jermey Lappitt, Laquina, Sloan, Aaron Smith, Amy Sanchez, Lindsay McMurray, Stephen Hughes, Michael Lee and Clara Warnaar.

Our concert master was the extraordinary Katia Popov.

And we had Devotchka comprised of Nick Urata, Tom Hagerman, Julia Mendiolea, Wes Watkins, Jeanie Schroder, Issac Shankler Daniel Semsen and Shawn King.

While it is tempting to always go to the establish list of proven A+ Players, I believe our town has a deep and diverse roster of great musicians who just need more opportunities to strut their stuff.

Glad WONKA provided a Golden Ticket for a lot of great musicians to play the Hollywood Bowl for their first time, including our conductor Jeff Hoeppner.

I adore this arrangement by Jeff Hoeppner, Christopher Tin and Sandy Cameron.

As always Sandy Cameron brings EVERYTHING to the party (joy, virtuosity, movement, humor, passion, inventiveness AND brilliant costumes made by her mom). Can’t imagine doing a show without her.