When I started representing Bear McCreary he was a very successful and prolific TV composer who wanted to do films. We discussed that objective in great detail thus cementing it our minds.

We agreed that the path to achieving that was by diving into the film world headstrong. Lots of demos, lots of rejections, lots of plowing forward. Because wanting to do films is not the same as actually doing them.

When Bear’s team at Kraft-Engel came up with the low-budget horror film HAPPY DEATH DAY it was clear from the offset it was going to a money-losing proposition upfront. And it was also a new film distributed by a major studio made by new filmmakers which could forge new relationships.

The most wonderful thing about already having a objective and a course of action prior to this specific film coming up was, that when it did, Bear and I only needed to have one brief conversation weighing whether to do it or not.

We simply went through our checklist of predetermined criteria. It met them. And so, without a lot of neurotic, indecisive, hemming and hawing, Bear dove into the assignment… and ended up with his first #1 film.