I am volunteering to host an afternoon in my back yard for composer parents and their young kiddos to come hang out! Navigating life as a full time working parent in the film music industry is so much easier when you see other parents around you doing the same thing. I’ve always found it helpful (and comforting) to meet other folks in similar fields making their lives work. Plus so many amazing people in this forum have had kids in recent years and I think it would be cool to get together, meet the babies and encourage each other. This is intended not just for composer parents but music editor parents, music supervisor parents, music executive parents…. basically if you are a parent in this forum with little ones – you are invited! Also, playdates aren’t just for moms, FYI. Dads, this is for you too. Only rule is you must have kids. If you are interested, PM me your name, your kids’ names and ages and email address. We’ll pick a day/time on a separate thread. Happy Fall, Ya’ll!