Here are my first two bosses at a film studio.

Do you think they cared if I slept well?

Do you think they respected me as a human being?

Do you think thay cared about the balance in my life?


They cared about the ONLY thing I really had to offer them at that time… An overt eagerness to eat giant shit burgers 24/7 on the behalf of their crap-tastic films.

To be ultra-clear:

I wasn’t looking for their RESPECT.

I was looking for their OPPORTUNITIES.

And, boy, they delivered!

I didn’t care if these two glorious schlockmeister respected me or treated me well.

I was too busy passionately emerging myself into the incredible opportunities they afforded me. I didn’t have the time nor the interest to pull out the “respect-o-meter” to measure it anyway.

Those guys opened their doors to me when I had ZERO track record and let me play in the movie business.

That was WAY MORE than enough for me.

Because I got my foot in their door I eventually ended up being their head of music and got to work with Morricone, Bernstein, Poledouris and others, thus changing the course of my life forever.

I really didn’t turn to them for validation, respect or great treatment. They gave me something I needed a lot more back then; chances to learn, make mistakes and grow in the very business I was dying to be part of.

So, I love and appreciate Menachem Golan and Yarom Globus a BILLION times over.