The journeys of the composers nominated for Best Score this year are quite varied.

JUSTIN HURWITZ (LA LA LAND)- Third film. All with director Damien Chazelle who was his college roommate. He is also a script writer, including for THE SIMPSONS and THE LEAGUE. He is the creator and Executive Producer of the TV Movie THE GABRIELS.

NICHOLAS BRITELL (MOONLIGHT) He has scored nine feature films since 2005 as well as contributing additional music for 12 YEARS A SLAVE. As a composer/pianist he has helped create the “Portals” project. He has been the keyboardist for the Hip-hop artist, “The Witness Protection Program.” He is also a film producer (WHIPLASH).

DUSTIN O’HALLORAN and HAUSCHKA (LION). O’Halloran has scored 13 feature films since 2007. Piano solo artist with a number of albums. Member of A Winged Victory for the Sullen. Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann) has scored 13 feature films. He is a touring experimental musician and solo artist under the name Hauschka.

MICA LEVI (JACKIE) She has scored 3 feature films including the critically acclaimed UNDER THE SKIN. She is also known as Michachu. Recording artist with her band, Micachu and the Shapes.

THOMAS NEWMAN (PASSENGERS) Has been scoring films since RECKLESS and REVENGE OF THE NERDS in 1984. Son of legendary composer, Alfred Newman. This is his 14th Oscar nomination. He has never won.