A few months ago music editor of over 100 projects, Shie Rozow , shared some personal observations about his experience of composers sending him music for potential use in temp tracks.

At the time he said that while it was common for male composers to do so, he had NEVER received any submissions by any female composers.

Curious what sort of follow-up did female composers on this Forum do to rectify that?

Here is what he said:

” I can tell you that I personally know few women composers, and I do see one difference between men composers I know and the few women composers I know. I’m best known as a music editor rather than composers, and just about every male composer I meet immediately offers to send me their scores for temp purposes. Some send me a link to their dropbox, some give me a drive, some give me a stack of CDs, but they give me a LOT of their music. Some seek me out – I get random emails from composers introducing themselves and offering to send their music.

To date I’ve never had a female composer do the same. Not one. I’ve also met far fewer women composers and perhaps the ones I met are a little more shy or less aggressive in marketing themselves, I don’t know. But I’ve seen composers get hired because I used their music in a temp score, and it’s never been a woman because I have very little music by woman composers at my disposal.”

Perhaps if more music editors had more music by women composers they would use it in temps, and perhaps that could lead to a bit more recognition, or the occasional gig for a female composer?