I love the notion of manifesting dreams. And The Secret is an outstanding film/book illustrating that principle.

However, the missing part of this is often TAKING ACTIONS towards those dreams, too.

Breathing is both inhaling and exhaling. One without the other is incomplete (and leads to death).

Manifesting of dreams is similar. It involves both the Law of Attraction/Positive Thinking AND the planning, hard work and commitment to execute moving towards those dreams.

Without both, most dreams die.

Taking action is not the same as being rigid.

Course correction is a constant. A airplane is rarely actually strictly on course during its actual flight.

But most flights typically start with an intention of getting to some destination. How it exactly gets there begins with a flight plan that is in a constant state of adjustment.

Sure, sometimes flights get rerouted to arrive at a completely different destination, but by-and-large, most start with a destination in mind and a constantly adjusted course to get there based on a myriad of conditions that present themselves along the way.

Dreaming is wonderful. And so is doing. Improv is useful and so is outlining and scripting.

Some balanced combination of the two approaches leads to the strongest likelihood of dream magnification.

That is the missing Secret.