It is very tough to want something, pursue somethings, fight for something and have it not pan out.

There are tens of thousands of people wanting to be media composers. Only a fraction of them will parlay that desire into a means of making a living.

How can all those others face that and deal with it in ways that are healthiest and most beneficial for their futures?

How long does a person go down a path that isn’t yielding the desired results?

How does one get an honest assessment of their talent and there wherewithal being strong enough to justify keep up their pursuit?

How does one shift priorities of their pursuit as they take on more responsibilities such as marriage and children?

How does one admit defeat and pick oneself back up to pursue something else?

How does one continue their love of composing without turning to it as their means of making a living?

This is the other side of the “follow you dreams” coin that is rarely discussed.

Would love to hear your thoughts.