Here is another prediction regarding industry trends to discuss.

There are going to be many new agents.

The top agents (myself included) are in their 50s and 60s. We have all been in the industry for decades.

There is going to be a real need for fresh blood.

There are also far too few GREAT agents.

There are currently a handful of smart, strong, influential, proactive and imaginative agents. And then “and the rest.”

That leaves a wide opening for the right folks to step in and step up.

To address this at my own company we have helped launch the agenting career of Sarah Kovacs (pictured here). Her youth, manner, intelligence and tenacity has connected well with newer composers (and older ones with youthful perspectives) and with the whole new generation of filmmakers and folks moving up in music departments around town.

Besides films and TV, she is also well-versed in games and New Media.

Young agents like her have the advantage of mentorship from the old guard while freshly tackling the landscape of the modern industry from their own, new perspectives.

We are also preparing to officially announcing our newest agent, Jeff Jernigan who is quite beloved from his years in Film and Television at ASCAP.

Folks like these and Gorfaine/Schwartz’s Kevin Korn are poised to be the next wave of successful agents.

And there are undoubtedly others who will be making their unique marks in the future.

What are your thoughts?