Here is the next industry I predict for the future for further discussion:

Currently, entry-level scoring jobs almost never pay.

That will become even more so in the future.

The first batch of projects will almost all be done for free or as money-losing propositions.

The supply of inexperienced composers wanting to gain experience is going to explode as more schools churn out candidates, as the number of self-taught musicians explode and as other sectors of the music industry’s opportunities dry up even more.

The path of becoming a media composer will more resemble the path of starting a band out of their garage. Lots of unpaid gigs around town, lots of coffeehouses, lots of small stages with even smaller audiences. Like with folks pushing to become a successful band or singer/songwriter, there will be very little expectation of being paid to launch your own career.

The baristas at Starbucks and waiters and waitresses at restaurants will increasingly have striving composers joining their ranks alongside starving artists, struggling musicians, and hopeful standup comedians.

The notion of graduating from college and landing paying jobs as a composer is going to largely become unrealistic.