Another prediction regarding future trends in our industry to discuss further:

Many more under-represented groups such as women and minorities will be diving into the composing talent pool as will more composers from around the Globe.

Role models and awareness of the career of being a media composer are going to have a huge impact in diversifying the sea of those dreaming of making it as a film, tv or video game composer.

The more commonplace it becomes to have non-white males scoring projects, the more others will find inspiration in following in their footsteps.

Often, if you can see it/you can be it.

This increase in a diverse field of “applicants” trying to compete in the composing job market will grow the number of those who can have a chance to win the career lottery of success.

Towards that end, I am launching a new educational program devoted to exciting young people of all backgrounds about the magic possibilities involved in composing for films, TV, theater and games.

More details to be announced soon. (Will be tapping in the great folks on this Forum who offered to volunteer to help on this project as soon as a few more of the details are nailed down.)