I recently bombarded us with a massive list of predictions of industry trends in the future.

To give them better focus and more thorough discussion, I am now going to share them daily one at a time.

Here is my first prediction:

There will be an increased demand for composers with unique voices.

There will be decreased value in those whose work is fairly interchangeable.

So many conversations about composers include references to folks like Desplat, Elfman, Thomas Newman, Jon Brion, Daniel Pemberton, Rob Simonsen, Steven Price, Henry Jackman, John Powell, etc. There is a genuine interest in artists with voices outside the expected.

The market nowadays is flooded with composers who sound like fifth-tier Remote Control wannabes and interchangeable library fillers. Their music sounds like pretty much everyone else’s with no real distinguishing features.

There is such a heavy supply of these types out in the world and such a low demand for them.

The future is brightest for those who offer something special.

Your thoughts?