When John Debney and I heard Disney was remaking THE JUNGLE BOOK we knew it was something we really wanted to pursue full-force.

Though director Jon Favreau and John had worked together previously on such movies as ELF and IRONMAN 2, that was certainly no guarantee that Debney would be getting this film. There are many voices and decision makers at the studio. Not all were convinced Debney was the right choice.

We brainstormed and came up with the idea of creating and publishing an elaborate 28 page scrapbook of photos and captions illustrating Debney’s unique history and passion for Disney and sending them to the key people involved.

John Debney’s family history with Disney is extraordinary starting with his father working as the clapper boy on SNOW WHITE then moving up to produce TV shows like ZORRO for Disney.

John frequently made childhood visits to the studio including meeting Walt while riding high up on his dad’s shoulders and spending a whole day watching the Sherman Bros. making music. (the lightbulb moment in John’s life that he wanted to do that, too)

That history continued as John worked in the Disney music department out of college and then started scoring many of Disney Theme Parks’ attractions and parades. This lead to his big film scoring break on HOCUS POCUS. Debney then went on to score many hit Disney films (and composed the company’s logo).

That is the story we wanted to share.

Creating, designing, printing and sending out those promo scrapbooks was a fairly substantial gamble, but we felt it was worth taking.

The reaction was wonderful and Debney’s wish for his dream job scoring Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK came true.

In working with John’s publicist, Ray Costa this extraordinary journey has become the centerpiece of the stories being written about him.

Here is one of the first articles to come out (the Huffington Post) recounting the story we wanted to tell.

So, what are the stories you want told about yourself? How will you get them told? What risks would make to have them heard?