Before sending your music out to filmmakers, studios, music supervisors, agents and others, I HIGHLY recommend sitting down with friends, family and, hopefully, strangers while they listen to the music you are about to send out.

Their reaction can be invaluable.

Not just through their verbal feedback, but the vibe you get from them while they are listening.

Are they engaged?

Which tracks get the best response?

Which moments seem to be losing them?

Is this going on too long?

Is it taking too long to get to the “good stuff”?

Do you have to keep “explaining” what they are listening to? Do you feel compelled to keep offering disclaimers?

Are you creating an atmosphere for true reactions or are you consciously or subconsciously send out signals that you are really just fishing for compliments and validation?

Does it really feel like you are leaving them wanting to hear more?

It’s quite interesting how some music some composers think is great (and may be compositionally or in the context of a movie) lays there like a lox when being heard by a non-musician on its own.

Also, you REALLY get a sense of time. 30 minutes of listening to your own music may fascinate you. But that is a half hour of someone else’s time. Are you entertaining them for the duration of their listen?

What else can be gained by playing others your music first?